Who are We

Bornfly was founded to provide aviation services for tourists visiting Bornholm; in addition Bornfly is a Maintenance provider for aircraft operators and aircraft owners as a “Maintenance Organization” with approval of the “European Aviation Safety Agency” (EASA).

Bornfly  location is at Bornholms airport located 10 minutes from Rønne town. From Bornholms Airport we are offering flights to various locations of the island over the highlands Almedingen  or to locations like; Hammeren, Hasle , Gudjem , Crisiansø, Dueodde, Svaneke as well as providing services to professional photographers or film makers. All our standard tours are listed on this website, and all other requests are on quotation basis. Bornfly also offer all year round flights out of Bornholms Airport to neighboring countryes Poland Sweden Germany .

The staff of Bornfly is experienced and has provided aviation related services to thousands of customers over the years, this being; aircraft charter, sightseeing flights, aerial photography, air ambulance services, air cargo transport as well as aircraft maintenance.

Bornfly offers aircrafts that have proven their excellence in Denmark for many years. Our flight operation is conducted under strict “EASA” regulations, known as “EU-Ops ” for aircraft operation, and “Part-145”, for aircraft maintenance, these regulations applies to all sectors of commercial aircraft operations in Europe. Our flights are carried out under; “Aircraft Operation Certificate” number DK- 068 and maintenance under; “Part 145 Organization Approval” number “DK.145.0079” issued by the Danish Civil Aviation Authorities ( Traffic Styrelsen )


Bornfly pride in personal service, We will show you why the Birds Sing………..

Bornfly www.bornfly.is – info@bornfly.dk – + 45- 56 95 5600 – + 45-2939 5199


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