Taxi flights

taxi-boxWe can land on grass strips all over Europe , Give us your destination and we find the

closest  airport and forward transport.

Clik on a Icon Display a form to be completed  where all info is in 1 place to make a

Quote:Tel , Where to , time  Names.

Charter Prices ……Radius

Destination standby  up to 4 hrs free. After 4 hrs 500 Kr Hrs.

What can I take with me  Maximum Baggage / Pets  / Disable /

Catering  can be ordered at a charge of ..

Not Included in the price / Landing Start fee… ………..

E mail and telephone

Paiment : Cancellation Fee Non refundable 24 hrs before departure

Payment must be made BEFORE THE TRIP.

Special Tours

We can set up individual tours to meet your requests, please contact us for more information.